S a r a h W e n t w o r t h
Sarah Wentworth ( MFA Tufts/Museum School, BFA MassArt) is an artist
best known for her
Postcard Project: Surreptitious Installations in which
she appropriated the use of museum shops as exhibition space to
humorously subvert the sequence of art marketing in the creation of artists'
reputations. She uses photography and other forms of documentation in
performative, conceptual projects.

Recent projects include
Passport Pictures and Tourist Pictures which used
performed photos of the artist as various personae, exploring image and

Her current project
Fishline Creature is a series of performed photos
centered on a costume made of knit fishing line.

Born in Maine - lives & works near Boston, USA
Misty Window, #fishlinecreature
website: www.SarahWentworth.com
Sarah Wentworth studio
Instagram: @sarah_wentworth

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