S a r a h W e n t w o r t h
The Art Museum Matron/Patron

On Wednesday, April 26, 2000, The Art Museum Matron/Patron enjoyed
a morning visit to The Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
Although the weather was dark and wet,
The Art Museum Matron/Patron
wore a cheerful aqua suit (with tasteful, black patent-leather accessories).
Coiffed, and well made-up as usual, she brought her own color to the
Museum's "Art in Bloom" festivities.
During her hour-long visit,
The Art Museum Matron/Patron pointed out
the family silver to her entourage, posed among the Copley paintings for a
photograph with the portrait of an ancestor; paused in the airy café outside
the postcard shop for a cup of tea with a local artist; and then departed - as
discreetly as she had arrived.
Sarah Wentworth, Art Museum Matron/Patron