S a r a h W e n t w o r t h
Trichotomy, Fishline Creatures
Fishline Creatures installed
The Fishline Creature
since 2012

The Fishline Creature is a series of performed photos centered on a
costume made of knit fishing line (monofilament).
The Fishline Creature is
an 'unknown being' reminiscent of the mythological selkie, a creature living
along the water’s edge, having emerged from the ocean. Similarly, the
Fishline Creature may also have come from the sea, spawned from trashed
plastics swirling in the ocean - as if abandoned fishing nets and other plastic
debris came to life while washing ashore. Like other wild creatures,
Fishline Creature
appears fleetingly at the periphery of human habitation,
often at dawn or dusk.

The Fishline Creature images are digital pictures taken by using a delayed
shutter release on the camera. When more than one creature appears in an
image, multiple photos were digitally merged to create a group image. I
work alone to create these images.