S a r a h W e n t w o r t h
Hotel Room Rubbings
since early 2000

Hotel Room Rubbings are rubbings on hotel stationery, of the room
numbers of hotel rooms I have occupied since early 2000.

Some individual
Hotel Room Rubbings reflect the unique character of the
hotel and its locale; several are tokens of major trips. No location address
is indicated on the stationery of some franchise hotels, leaving many
Hotel Room Rubbings as nonspecific as the rooms they represent. The
use of each hotel’s stationery makes them simultaneously characteristic
of, and as nondescript as the rooms and circumstances they signify.

As documents of particular events, the
Hotel Room Rubbings form an
ambiguous autobiography. While they serve as factual evidence of having
been present at a precise spot (in front of a certain room’s door within a
named hotel), nothing is revealed about when each rubbing was made,
who (if anyone else) went along, the purpose of the trip, nor the duration
of time stayed in each hotel. Despite their apparent specificity, the
Room Rubbings
speak of the impersonality of a modern journey by
failing to communicate any hint of what happened on the trips, nor in the
hotel rooms.
Sarah Wentworth, Hotel Room Rubbings
Hotel Room Rubbings installed