The Postcard Project: Surreptitious Installations

The use of museum shops was appropriated as exhibition space to
humorously subvert the sequence of art marketing in the creation of artists’

Surreptitious Installation (of a postcard of my own work into the
postcard racks of prominent art museum shops) was documented by a
quick photo, and the purchase of my card along with adjoining cards.

Evidence of each installation were the receipt, the photo, the purchased
cards, a museum bag, and a receipt.
The Postcard Project: Surreptitious Installations
Museum of Modern Art, New York
October 2, 1999

Christo, Package, 1962
Sarah Wentworth,
Autobiography, 1999
Joseph Cornell,
Allegory of Innocence, 1956
S a r a h W e n t w o r t h